Why Us

Our Advantage

Omelink provides contact center solutions that can help you achieve higher levels of operational excellence. The front liners are committed professionals, who are dedicated, highly skilled and passionate experts with bachelor and master degrees that deliver customized services at the highest quality standards.



As a customer focused company, we seek people with passion, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to take on challenging jobs with goal-oriented mindset. Our employees are our pride, who play a crucial role in the success of Omelink’s growth and evolution as an outsourcing destination for global brands. With an attrition rate of under 10% we have created a culture where we are focused on the professional and personal growth of our employees.

Having stable personnel that throughout years have become an extension of our client’s workforce has resulted in above average industry performance with a proven record of success.


We have chosen our operations in Kosovo for its quality of labor, multilingual population and ability to scale fast. When we look at the outsourcing trends, Kosovo is the hidden gem of the BPO industry.

With the youngest population in Europe, low average wage, high job demand and cultural alignment and geographical proximity to western markets, it makes the perfect country for expansion for the English and German speaking markets.